A SMS Christmasūü§≥ūüéĄ

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Merry Christmas! was the start of a new worldwide innovation. The first text message was sent from a PC to a mobile phone by Neil Papworth, back in 1992. Moving forward twenty-five years, texting has become the world’s number one way of communication. It has become efficient over the years and still continues to do so. However, like everything in the world, there’s always a positive and negative impact, especially when it comes to texting.Texting comes in handy when you aren’t expecting an immediate¬†response, kind of like the modern way of writing a letter. It also makes it easier to talk to a person without having to call them 24/7. Although texting maybe efficient, it isn’t something that gives a positive¬†impact.

The one thing I absolutely hate about texting is that you don’t know who is actually behind the screen. It seems like a normal conversation with one of your closest friends at first but later on, you realize that you have been talking to some stranger who has all of your information. I may seem¬†paranoid but it happens. This could lead to cyberbullying which isn’t easy for it to blow over as it is starting. About a year ago, I mentioned in one my previous posts about how we use our devices to shield us from the reality of communicating with one another physically, in other words, the security blanket approach. Recently, technology,¬†especially texting, has taken over our lives, literally. We have become dependent on it and can’t seem to pull away from it. It is causing health issues, such as being sleep deprived, neck and possible nerve damage. It also affects our learning abilities because since we tend to use abbreviations and shorten sentences, we get used to our shortcuts and use them in our daily lives.

Personally, I prefer face to face communication. Don’t get me wrong or anything, like sure I like to text but I feel like it is “real” when you are physically talking. I’m a person who relies on texting when I want to talk to my family and friends, but when I get a chance to talk to them, I don’t waste it, because I one of those who knows what it is like when you are the one who is waiting for the other to respond back…physically.

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You’ve Been Hired?

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When looking for a job, the first thing employers are going to look for is whether or not¬†you have employment skills, regarding the position you are willing to take. These shouldn’t come to a surprise to many as you should already have those skills, naturally. Being a fifteen-year-old girl, I find it is time for me to start looking at my future and look for jobs or even simple volunteering. I don’t really have an exact plan on what I want to become as it tends to shift from time to time, but my main focus is doing something that I can be interactive with others and help them out and be proud when doing so. Let’s say that I volunteer at a hospital. It is what I have pictured myself doing a couple of times and fits my demands by helping multiple patients. I ask¬†myself, do I have what it takes to volunteer? But the real question is, do I have the employability skills that are going to help me in the long run?

Some skills that I find important to what I am interested in are communication, teamwork, self-management, and being efficient and getting things done quickly. But also keep in mind that these skills will also be necessary for other jobs.


When it comes to communication, confidence¬†plays a big role. You have to be able to be a good talker and negotiator. You also have to be able to talk with people over the phone or face to face without being shy, as it might not just reflect badly on your¬†staff but as well as your peers. Even if you happen to be new, you would always have to ask around to get some help, especially from your staff, which requires communication. You also have to maintain a good relationship with them. It is also important because most jobs nowadays require communication with interns and/or customers and you can’t really rely on others to do so for you. You need to be able to connect with a person to understand their needs or it might end badly, which again requires communication to do so. So if you are looking for a job that gets you benefitting/helping others, make sure you have the confidence in communication. Which gets me starting on my next point.


Let’s say you do have communication skills. But are those skills useful when it gets down to teamwork? Teamwork is being able to work with a group of people, whether it is your choice of preference or not. You need to be able to work with people of all ages, as you tend to learn more things and reflect on the experiences of others. However, teamwork can lead to some consequences which I mention in my next point.

Self-Management and Efficiency:

Relying on others isn’t really an option for some employment. In fact, it shouldn’t be at all. Being able to get things done your own is very important as people aren’t always going to be there for you. Employers need to be able to rely¬†on you getting your work done when it needs to be. You need to make sure that you are prioritizing your work and stick to your deadlines or else you may get fired. Having self-management and being efficient is gives you an opportunity to upgrade to well-paid jobs. It will show your employer that you are responsible enough to take on bigger challenges and receive promotions.

It may seem easy to some but it isn’t. Every workplace¬†differs from the other so you will have to use every one of those skills to the best of your ability. Always remember that having these skills are for your own benefit and help you excel in the future

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No Limitations

My Collage Assignment for ELA

The tree in the background symbolizes how each branch connects to one another, forming into a tree of inequalities. Every factor provided tend s to lead to an inequality and shapes the world. The reason why I have hands¬†separated by color is that one of the main inequalities we face¬†today is one’s race. It is to symbolize how everyone that is a specific color only hangs out with the same color group that they are, which I see as wrong.¬† I tried to show the “truth” and how the littlest thing can become into something so controversial. I used tiny people to represent birds. If you happen to be like me, I tend to have a phobia from birds and feel like that they’re watching every step and breathe I take. These tiny people are there to prove that we are the ones who are treating¬†everyone¬†indifferently by looking at others and judging them by what they see. However, the people who have labels and comments are there to show which type of people get the most discrimination and how that type of inequality is used towards them. The last thing I put on there is the earth. The reason why I put it in the middle was that I wanted to explain that all these inequalities don’t just happen in one place and time. They are something that¬†goes on 24/7 and never really stop. We need to be aware of this and take matters into our own hands to try to make the¬†world a better place.

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The first time I tried virtual reality was at a friends house. As I put the headset on, I was instantly out of this world, literally. I was on the moon and whenever I looked left and right all I could see was darkness and a few bright dots here and there. When I looked towards the ground, I saw that I was wearing a space suit and was standing on the moon. It was so cool and quite convincing. I started to take bigs steps as I walked and my friend would laugh.

Virtual Reality is pretty cool once you try it and it quite useful in the near future. As my friends¬†and I were talking how virtual reality can benefit us in life, w found a couple of things that we thought made sense. Say you are looking forward to buying a house. However, it is in a different city or you don’t have time to check it out. Say no more. Let’s say that the real estate agent can provide a “virtual tour” of the house, making it look like you’re really there.

Another example is jobs. Last year my class and I went on a field trip to check all sort of different careers. There was this one career, welding, where you could try the virtual and real thing. I got to try the virtual one and it was quite easy, that’s if you have a good balance. Virtual Reality can provide a chance to those applying for jobs to try something out before actually doing the real thing. That way when it comes to doing the real thing, they know exactly what and how they are doing it.

However, everything has some disadvantages. We would still have to do a majority of the things on our own like eating, sleeping, and most importantly communication. I don’t think virtual reality is something that we should depend on because we would have to stay in one place and, if you’re like me, get bored.

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Only After…

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Residential schools. An unforgettable moment in history. A time in¬†life¬†where many were deprived of¬†their family, friends and most importantly their culture. As a person who grew up in Canada all her life, it is sad to know that history¬†back then wasn’t all that great and fairly treated. When someone says the word Canadian, I think of the Aboriginals. To me, they are the true Canadians and they¬†don’t deserve what happened to them.

Now let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. As I mentioned earlier, Aboriginal people are true Canadians. They were the ones who were in Canada long before European settlers came and took over. The aboriginals had a really great lifestyle. Everything was peaceful and under control. They took care of their resources and made sure to never let anything go to waste. They made sure that their land was still intact and that animals weren’t going to waste and dying off.¬† They used every single thing from the buffalo. They used its hide to make clothes and Ti-pis. Also used their bones for hunting and the meat for eating of course. They literally used whatever they hunted and fished from head to toe and made use of everything that came from the animal. The Aboriginals had a fair government and included every other tribe, creating different governing strategies and more cultures began to form. However, things escalated very quickly. As soon as the Europeans came, it was bad news for the Aboriginals. Little did they know, that when they welcomed them in it was a goodbye for them.

They became deprived¬†of food, resources, animals, and let’s just say freedom in general. Trading played a big role in their relationship. The two groups of people were interested in the others’ good. However, let’s just say that this lead to a lot¬†of greed and inequality and soon the Europeans took over. Life got worse and many lives (the Aboriginals’), were treated unfairly. However, a treaty was signed and one thing that the Aboriginals wanted was an education. So kids from the ages four to sixteen were taken from their¬†families and put into residential schools. Just like normal parents, they thought it was a good and once in a lifetime opportunity for their child to grow up successful, with an education. The worst part is that the parents had no idea what the conditions of the schools were. There were at least¬†eighty schools built and some of the kids were separated from family members so they can break off ties, even if they were together they barely saw each other. Kids were abused every time they spoke their language and were forced to speak English and into a new religion. When they got the chance to return back home, they felt discluded. They would’ve forgotten their¬†language and parents wouldn’t be able to understand. To this day, there are survivors of residential schools who are still affected by what happened to them.

This is a time in which we cannot forget how the Aboriginal people were tortured and deprived of their homes and cultures. It is important that people look back at this so they can see what they have missed out on and it would be nice to have some of those cultures back.

Down below I included two videos. One that briefly talks about residential schools and reconciliation. The other is a video of a few Aboriginal men drumming and dancing. I personally enjoy their different cultures, especially their drumming.

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Silence full of Sound

Via Pixabay

It is a small world. It may look big to many, but deep down it is really small. We all know where to go, how to find things in no time, and practically live our own lives without anyone by our side. Thanks with the help of modern technology, we have become dependent on ourselves.

Lately, I have been taking up sign language. It is a really cool and beautiful language and I enjoy it very much. I have been watching a show and it involves deaf and hearing kids and it brought my attention and you can say that I am a bit obsessed. It showed me how hard it is for the Deaf, as well as hearing, people to communicate with one another, and led me thinking that the Deaf have it really hard than us hearing people, so it gave me an idea.

Being a hearing person who is learning how to sign, it is quite difficult because¬†there is more than one method to sign something¬†and also there are many languages that sign is involved in. So why not invent something that can help them both understand the other person’s language. I would invent these hi-tech glasses that would interpret what the hearing person is saying so the deaf can understand. To make this a win-win situation,¬†the deaf person would use his/her hands and the glasses would “speak” each time the person would make a sign. You could set it to whatever language you are using and it’ll be motioned censored so sign language can be understood. This would be helpful because one of the biggest concerns is that not everyone can sign and not everyone has the opportunity to learn. So this would be an easier way that involves both signing¬†and talking to those who are struggling with communication.

This invention would probably have some limitations. Money may become an issue and not many people could afford them. Also, it would take some time and effort into making it work. One other thing would be its design. How the glasses would turn out and if the people like them. Will contact lenses be made? Should extra money and hard work be put into this?  Any ethical problems?

In the meantime, I hope an invention of some sort comes out that would help people with disabilities feel comfortable and be able to communicate with others.

P.S. This blog post isn’t meant to offend anyone.

Thanks for reading!

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A Little Travel Bug

The sunset in Algonquin Park ūüėć

This summer, I had a lot of fun, I don’t know where to begin. My family and I decided to go to London and Mississauga, Ontario. I was excited to see my family and friends as soon as possible, but I found out we were going by car. So here I am, excited about seeing my cousins in four or so hours, but instead, I am going to see them in seventy-two hours or more. Let’s just say that the way there was pretty boring but the views were amazing! When we arrived in Toronto my parents said that we are going to stop by London first and stay there for a while. Well, that’s just great because London is just two hours away from Mississauga and God knows when we’ll see my cousins and friends. Just a fun fact to know, I was born in Mississauga before I came to Saskatchewan so it is kind of a special place to me, however, Saskatchewan is the best. After a couple of days, we finally went to Mississauga. As we were catching up on how everyone has been doing, I overheard that we were going camping. I was pretty excited because I got to spend more time with my cousins and that we were going to use tents which I have never done while camping out with other family and friends. We would always get cabins and just relax, but this time it was real.

Little nephew enjoying the hike¬†ūüĎ∂‚̧ԳŹ

We went to a place called Algonquin and it is absolutely beautiful (picture up above). It took us about four hours to get there but I would say that the long car ride was worth it this time. I had a lot of fun. My cousins and I went for long hikes and we also went canoeing and kayaking and what better way to end the night with some smores. Another great thing from the trip was that I¬†got to see some wildlife. I saw a red cockaded woodpecker and two loons, which was pretty cool because they are something you don’t see every day. However, the only downside from the trip was that it wouldn’t stop raining and the air mattresses¬†were not helpful at all. Aside from that, I had a great time and would recommend camping in Algonquin to others.


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